No Game No Life Ep. 1 highlights the yearning for escapism

I had a truly bizarre, reality-bending moment while watching the first episode of No Game No Life. There were the two protagonists, Sora and Shiro, suddenly just yanked out of their world, now thousands of feet up in the sky, in free-fall, heading at breakneck speed towards the ground of another unfamiliar, alien world, andContinue reading “No Game No Life Ep. 1 highlights the yearning for escapism”

GUNNM, Alita’s source material, is just as cinematic as in any other medium

I went to see Alita: Battle Angel this weekend. I’m not going to add to the deluge of hundreds of other reviews of the movie coming out on the internet right now, but I will say this: it’s entertaining, groundbreaking, totally worth your time, and you should go see it, if only to reward filmmakersContinue reading “GUNNM, Alita’s source material, is just as cinematic as in any other medium”

A good day for Gintama

I’m taking some time out of my busy(?) schedule of binge-watching Gintama° (note the ‘ ° ‘, it’s important) to make a public service announcement: if you’re a fan of anime, or just a fan of comedy in general, then you really, really, really should be watching/reading the Gintama franchise. With almost 400 episodes aired,Continue reading “A good day for Gintama”

One Punch Man Ep.1 – When fun things become unfulfilling

I started watching OPM, in part, because I wanted to take a break from a lot of the super-serious anime I was consuming, Things didn’t exactly go as planned. While I found the show to be extremely funny and exciting, as expected, it also left me with quite a bit to think about and relateContinue reading “One Punch Man Ep.1 – When fun things become unfulfilling”

Death Note Episode 1 – Well that escalated quickly

Death Note is a show that is quite unique to me personally, for two reasons: it was basically the gateway series for where I am now in terms of anime fandom; and secondly, I actually never finished the damn thing. About two years ago, I remember being a bit burnt out on Western entertainment. OneContinue reading “Death Note Episode 1 – Well that escalated quickly”

Neon Genesis Evangelion is the first manga I ever completed

I’ve been into anime for a couple years now. The dive into this medium inevitably leads a lot of fans to what is the source material for many of the best known, most celebrated anime titles: manga. Apparently, I’m no different, and I’m now diving headfirst into manga myself. Basically, like a lot of otherContinue reading “Neon Genesis Evangelion is the first manga I ever completed”

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