Rukia’s Goodbye: The Bleach Blog – Day 15, Episode 15

‘There’s probably not much time left’.


Ichigo Kurosaki is making quite a name for himself.

Episode 15 begins with Rukia lying in bed, mulling over recent events, specifically the giant Menos Grands that attacked the town, and that was taken out single-handedly by Ichigo. Surely such an impressive feat would not go unnoticed by the Soul Society, right? Rukia seems concerned about this potential turn of events for some reason…

Meanwhile, Kon is having a rough go at it in the Kurosaki household, being a stuffed toy and all. Yuzu has been playing “dress up” with him, and he’s not taking it well. To make matters worse, Ichigo turns a deaf ear to his complaints. Feeling utterly disrespected, and at his wits end, he decided to run away.

He hasn’t put much thought into this, has he? Having stormed out the house, he begins to consider the reality of the situation. To begin with, he has no money, and well, he is a stuffed toy, meaning he can’t be too conspicuous and freak people out. He thinks he’s lucked out when he comes across two of Ichigo’s female classmates, Ryo Kunieda and Michiru Ogawa.

Wanting nothing more from life than to be taken care of by a hot girl, he plays possum in the street in front of them. Girls can’t resist a cute stuffed toy, right? Not exactly.

He lets out a squeal when Ryo steps on him. Not good. Freaked out by their horrified and confused reactions, he decides to hightail it. Unfortunately for him, Ryo runs track in high school, and she chases him effortlessly…

Having escaped that situation, Kon eventually happens upon Tatsuki and Orihime, who are playing ‘Yakka’, a baseball-and-soccer combo that Orihime came up with, and yep, it’s as stupid as it sounds. He has a thing for Orihime, obviously, and considers her a pretty ideal owner, what with her considerable, um, assets. He fantasises about this scenario for a bit.

Kon in the “Valley of the Gods” (lol)

He tries his usual tactics, but getting caught up in the middle of a vigorous (and silly) game isn’t a good idea, and he gets some more unintentionally rough treatment.

At school, there’s much speculation about Uryu, who’s late to school and who was seen acting weird the day before, while he was battling invisible hollows. To make matters worse, he shows up to class later in the day, all bandaged up, and makes up a pretty unbelievable excuse for his appearance. Ichigo asks him to eat lunch together, and he begrudgingly agrees. There’s no way this would turn out to be uncomfortable and awkward…

The lunch goes about as well as you would think, with constant bickering between Uryu and Ichigo. Mizuiro can’t help but notice how alike they are.

The girls are having their lunch too, and things get awkward when Rukia gets asked if she has feelings for Ichigo. She tells everyone they’re just friends. It’s then that she sadly concludes that she doesn’t belong here, and has outstayed her welcome in the human world…

Meanwhile, at Urahara’s store, he’s gotten a pretty curious visitor, a black cat by the name of Yoruichi, who is allegedly his best friend. Jinta thinks this is a little weird. Later on, they’re visited by Kon, who has not been treated well by the world lately, and well, things go no differently at Urahara’s after he has a run-in with Yoruichi, who ‘told’ Jinta and Ururu that he was there. Wait, is this a talking black cat? Where in anime have I seen this before?

Any relation to Luna?

Kon eventually calls it quits on his little misdventure, and decided the best course of action is to go back home. He finds Ichigo and Rukia and is beyond relieved to see them. Seeing that he’s a bit banged up, they take him to Uryu for repairs. Uryu, once again begrudgingly agrees. His ‘repairs’ turn out to not exactly be what Kon ideally had in mind.

‘He’s been powered up’.

‘Thanks for everything’.


In the final scene, Rukia has left a goodbye note in Ichigo’s bedroom, and then takes off as if being pursued by something or someone. That someone arrives in the form of two figures, who watch her from afar, and it looks like they’ve been tracking her for a long time. The Soul Society has officially arrived.

As a whole this entire episode felt like a calm before an impending storm. There’s a lot of zany, upbeat humour (courtesy Kon), but it’s downplayed by Rukia’s anxiety about what’s coming. A whole bunch of plot threads play out for different characters this episode, perhaps suggesting that they will all come together soon in the upcoming episodes into one central arc. Something is coming.

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