Bleach Recap 2020, Episode 102: The Jokai Crest – The Ultimate Power?

As promised, Kariya has made his way to the Department of Research and Development in search of the mysterious object that will bring about the fall of the Seireitei. On approaching the entrance, he comes across some nervous looking guards, who confront him.

Within the compound, Nemu is informed of the intruder at the entrance, shortly before a nearby wall explodes, showering the room with debris. Large pieces of rubble fall on top of Nemu, trapping her underneath.  Kariya, who clearly had no problem with the guards stationed outside, strolls in and regards her menacingly.

Ichigo and Ririn have meanwhile noticed that the presence of one particular Bount has disappeared, while one’s spiritual pressure has spiked. Ririn states that this Bount is probably Kariya. They then run into Chad and Noba, who have come to the same conclusion.

Elsewhere, the confrontation between Ishida and Yoshi officially begins. As silent and efficient as ever, Ishida begins his attack without a word of usual pre-fight banter, taking Yoshi by surprise. The battle begins in a large clearing surrounded by pillars, but soon it’s clear that Ishida is leading her away from this setting, which Yoshi finds curious. She assumes Ishida’s plan is to lure her away for some reason, and decides to play along.

Both square off on a rooftop. Yoshi tells him to give up on getting revenge for Yoshino, but Ishida states that this isn’t the reason he’s fighting, and that the battle is meaningless. She then makes another assumption about his motives, that he’s allied himself with the Shinigami, another claim that he denies; he just wants to put an end to all the battles he considers pointless, including this one.

Before briefly reminding himself of what Rantao told him about his potentially dangerous bracelet, he fires up his Quincy bow in preparation for Yoshi’s incoming attack. Her doll has now fused with her, and changed form from a common sword into a glowing trail of multiple ones, despite, judging from the back-and-forth banter, what looks like a stormy relationship between her and her own doll.

Rantao’s warning is proven legitimate when Ishida suddenly loses power in the middle of the fight, and has to fall back for a bit, and dodge Yoshi’s attacks. He begins to realise the difficulty of controlling the stability of the arrows he is forming, which may either have no power at all, or become so powerful that they may end up blowing him away, as well as everything around him. However, he concludes that he has no choice but to use its powers under the current circumstances.

The next arrow he aims to Yoshi causes a huge explosion, but she emerges unharmed, shielded by her enlarged fan and her armour. Yoshi is proving to be a tougher foe than Ishida anticipated.

Yoshi begins to discern the instability of her enemy’s weapon. She and Ishida begin exchanging salvos, with Ishida seemingly beginning to get the hang of forming stable arrows. But then, Yoshi hits him with a particularly devastating blow, and he is sent crashing into the ground.

At the same time, Nemu has also found herself in a compromised position, trapped under rubble, helpless to stop Kariya from roaming the R&D department unchecked. When she asks where he’s going exactly, he replies that he’s looking for a Bount Crest, an item that she has no familiarity with. At that moment, Ichigo and Chad arrive on the scene to challenge him. Ichigo asks him the purpose of finding the Crest, but he disappears in a swirl of wind without divulging any information. They then assist Nemu, getting her from out under the rubble. Ichigo asks her about the crest as well, but unfortunately she knows nothing about it.

Meanwhile, Karıya effortlessly crashes through the sealed entrance of a large storeroom, when the markings on his torso suddenly begin to resonate and glow. He begins to search the room, but is interrupted by Ichigo and Chad, who have once again caught up to him by following his spiritual pressure. Ichigo summons his Bankai in preparation for a fight, and he and Chad both simultaneously charge Kariya. One of Kariya’s attacks knocks Chad out of the way, and he and Ichigo then go at it for a while. Both of their attacks open up a huge hole in the floor, where Kariya, in a particularly fortuitous turn of events, finds exactly what he was looking for: the Bount Crest itself.

Descending into the deep pit, and landing atop the crest, Kariya starts chanting an incantation, which causes the crest to release a huge surge of energy, which explodes skyward, even penetrating the roof of the building. The markings on Kariya’s body once again react, and he confidently proclaims that he has just attained ‘ultimate power’ from the Jokai Crest, the origin of the experiments that created the Bounts. Threatening to destroy the entire Seireitei if Ichigo and Chad interfere, he promptly disappears altogether.

After lying motionless and unresponsive on the ground for some time, Yoshi begins to assume that Ishida is dead. But as she turns away, Ishida suddenly awakens, and aims a huge energy projectile straight at her…. this particular battle is far from over…

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