Bleach Recap 2020, Episode 104: The Shattered Ambitions of Go Koga

So has the Bount Go Koga reformed in some way since his disagreement and parting ways with Kariya? Maybe so. As Hitsugaya hurriedly arrives on the scene of his last sighting, he finds all of the shinigami there passed out on the ground, but thankfully there are no fatalities, and he thinks he recognises this particular fighting style from before, from one particular Bount.

Renji then arrives on the scene, having also been following Koga’s spiritual pressure, with the help of Kurodo. It’s then that Hitsugaya first finds out about the Mod Souls’ involvement in helping track the Bounts, but he’s a little taken aback with Kurodo’s stuffed toy appearance. He then asks to ‘borrow’ Kurodo for his tracking purposes, but he’s a little embarrassed about carrying around a stuffed toy himself, so he asks Rangiku to carry him instead (Rangiku, for her part, can’t help but imagine how cute Hitsugaya would look sporting around a plushie). Kurodo, having accompanied Orihime previously, once again finds himself in the company of a well-endowed lady, an arrangement he definitely prefers to hanging out with Renji.

Quickly discovering Koga’s location, and using a virtual army of Hell Butterflies, Rangiku calls for extensive backup, so that they can effectively surround and barricade him. Kurodo notices that Koga’s spiritual pressure has suddenly weakened and all but disappeared, which immediately arouses Hitsugaya’s suspicions.

The reason for this becomes apparent when we see that Koga and Dalk have gone underground into the Seireitei’s underpass. Dalk protests about this, but Koga’s main priority is to find and confront Kariya as soon a possible, and he has no time to lose by running into unfriendly shinigami.

Unfortunately, the duo soon find that the shinigami have also pursued them underground as well. They decide the best course of action is to re-emerge and take the squads head-on; this turns out to be a good decision, as the squads seem to be no match for Dalk.

Koga notices the presence of Hell Butterflies accompanying each shinigami squad, which he figures out is their means of inter-communication, so he asks Dalk to dispose of all of them in one fell swoop, which Dalk manages to pull off quite impressively. All communications between squads have now been cut off.

Hitsugaya, Rangiku and Kurodo find a squad that has been completely been taken out, but left alive. Hitsugaya begins to discern Koga’s motives; he wants to confront the Captain himself, dispensing with his subordinates in the meantime and leaving a trail of mayhem for him to follow. With this in mind, Hitsugaya decides to go off alone to confront the Bount, leaving Rangiku behind to tend to the injured men.

Surely enough, Koga gets his desired outcome as Hitsugaya arrives to confront him face to face. He wastes no time, immediately advancing on Dalk, nicking her metal body with his zanpakuto, cutting off one of her limbs, and eventually managing to decapitate her. This makes almost no difference, as her ability to segment different parts of her body enables her to form a metal spiderweb with her various parts in an attempt to ensnare him. Unfazed, Hitsugaya summons Hyorinmaru and advances to attack her, and its icy dragon’s frost-inducing powers renders Dalk’s attempts to trap him useless.

Koga realises that Hisugaya’s power to freeze Dalk’s metal body renders its structure somewhat brittle and puts her at a disadvantage, so he calls her back, but she insists on continuing to fight. Bad idea… just as Koga feared, the ice dragon proceeds to swallow her, after which it shatters, and she falls to the ground, and shatters into bits as well. Koga recovers a broken portion of her face from the ground, and they say their last goodbyes… the Doll Dalk has seemingly just seen her final battle.

Hitsugaya begins to wonder how come Koga remains standing, even though his Doll has perished, as one’s existence is usually tied to, and dependent on the other’s. Koga responds by summoning and reforming all of Dalk’s broken parts into an axe, and proclaiming that Dalk has not perished, but that her essence remains within this new form. At this point, he decides he can no longer hold back against such a formidable enemy.

Koga proceeds to power up, drawing enormous amounts of reishi from his surroundings, eating away at the structures around him. Surprised at his enemy’s sudden surge in power, Hitsugaya decides not to hold back as well, summoning his Bankai.

Their clash of powers causes an enormous release of energy that radiates skyward. Hitsugaya begins to summon huge ice pillars to take out Koga, which he somehow manages to evade… well, for a while at least, until the ice dragon collides with him headfirst, sending him crashing into the earth.

Koga is suddenly reminded of his top priority of finding and stopping Kariya. Having just been soundly thrashed, Hitsugaya asks him if he wants to continue fighting, but instead of answering, Koga begins to absorb even more reishi, an amount that even Hitsugaya realises may be fatal to the Bount, and beyond his limits to endure.

Koga makes one final lunge at Hitsugaya, but is cut down, with his axe, the last remnants of Dalk, shattered. It looks like he won’t be getting his final confrontation with Kariya after all…

Once Kariya’s closest confidant, all Koga really wanted was a future without war or conflict, but now he joins the long list of Bounts who’ve fallen victim to the whims and ambitions of Kariya… another Bount bites the dust, with only one, the ‘final boss’, left to go. So who will finally be the one that will take Kariya down once and for all? We’ll have to wait and see…

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