Bleach Recap 2020, Episode 101: Mayuri vs. Sawatari

The fight is on between Mayuri and Sawatari. Sawatari is already sitting upon his enormous Doll, Baura, whose immensity would terrify anyone else, but only draws amused chuckles from Mayuri, who makes it a point to remind Sawatari that Bounts like himself only have powers due to ancient Soul Society technology.

Then, in what is now clearly a matter of routine for him, he asks his opponents whether they would like to be his ‘research subjects’, promising to make it as painless as possible (sure); then, maybe, he’ll forget his vengeful grudge… maybe. Sawatari, of course, declines.

With that, Mayuri amps up his spiritual pressure, and draws his zanpakuto, while Sawatari and Baura submerge into the ground. Mayuri goes up to a rooftop, certain from his research that Baura will not be able to attack him there, but gets a nasty surprise when Baura suddenly re-materialises in midair and lunges for him. A slap from Baura’s tail sends Mayuri crashing into a nearby wall. Baura lunges again, this time causing Mayuri to lose an arm.

Sawatari then emerges from the ground again in front of Mayuri to explain to him that his powers have been amplified since arriving in the Soul Society, explaining why Baura no longer needs large solid surfaces to create wormholes to emerge from, and can now do so from essentially anywhere.

As we already know, loss of limb is but a mere annoyance to Mayuri, who injects himself with a serum that causes his arm to grow back in seconds. The next round of fighting then begins, the ‘fighting’ consisting mostly of Mayuri dodging Baura’s attacks.

Mayuri finds a large courtyard which he considers an ideal spot for his next fighting strategy. He scatters small explosives on the ground, which go off, filling the courtyard with smoke. Discerning the whale-like shape amidst the smoke, he is able to ‘harpoon’ it with his weapon. After wrestling with Baura a bit in midair, he is able to injure it further, but is violently shaken off. Baura, meanwhile crashes painfully into the ground.

However, being a Bount, injury is only temporary, and Sawatari quickly heals himself with the surrounding reishi. Undeterred, Mayuri jumps on top of Baura with Sawatari, makes him lose his footing and stabs him yet again, paralysing his arm with his zanpakuto Ashisogi Jizo’s special ability. Despite the paralysis, Mayuri makes sure that he wrings every bit of excruciating pain out of Sawatari’s injury; he just might be getting that research subject after all…

Sawatari commands Baura, who has been standing by watching, to attack. Baura’s gaping mouth opens, regurgitating a cloud of debris and dust onto Mayuri. As Mayuri takes to higher ground to avoid it, Sawatari uses the opportunity to escape with Baura into their alternate dimension. But despite still being able to heal himself, the paralysis of his arm remains.

He decides to return to the Seireitei to settle the score, and when he does, he is shocked to find Mayuri there already waiting for him. Mayuri has apparently invented a ‘Bount sensor’ in order to be able to do this, using data brought back from other shinigami who fought Bounts back in the living world. But Sawatari has picked up some interesting things from fighting shinigami as well…

Baura begins firing high-speed energy blasts at Mayuri from his mouth; these are apparently formed from the accumulated spiritual power of shinigami Sawatari had battled previously. Mayuri dodges these blasts, so Baura advances and takes a bite out of him, once again removing his arm along with part of his torso. Mayuri returns the favour and stabs it with his zanpakuto.

In the aftermath of this exchange, both sides are pretty banged up and worse for the wear. Mayuri is also extremely pissed off, so he summons his monstrous Bankai, Konjiki Ashisogijizo, which spits its deadly poison gas straight at Sawatari, who commands Baura to suck the all of the gas into his mouth.

In what is definitely an incoming sign of ominous plot implications, Sawatari begins monologuing about his longtime ambitions of becoming the leader of the Bounts, unfortunately for him, a position currently filled by Kariya. He explains the reasons for his aging appearance, the result of his frequent feeding on human souls on order to accumulate the power necessary to achieve such an ambition… didn’t work out so well for him, did it?

Baura launches itself at Ashisogijizo, and looks as if it’s trying to swallow it whole, attaching its mouth to the monster’s bulbous head. In response, Ashisogijizo releases multiple stabbing protrusions from its body, gravely stabbing Baura multiple times. Sawatari yells in horror at this sight, but then begins to choke as Mayuri’s poison gas begins to take its effect, and he turns to sand, as is the case of all Bounts who die. Mayuri walks off, mumbling to himself that he’s wasted his time… perhaps he’ll find a research subject somewhere else…

We then cut to Ishida, who is running down the empty corridors of the Seireitei, concerned about the spikes in spiritual pressure he’s been sensing lately, no doubt the result of Shinigami Captains fighting invading Bounts. Detecting nearby spiritual pressure, he picks up the pace until he comes across Yoshi, who is having the time of her life picking off low-ranking shinigami. He intervenes, one of his arrows deflecting her sword/doll and saving the life of a shinigami. Recognising the Quincy, Yoshi looks quite pleased that she’s finally come across a worthy opponent… let the battle begin…

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