Bleach Recap 2020, Ep. 31 – A Matter of Resolve

Fittingly, for the end of the first month of Bleach Recap 2020, we get a battle-heavy episode with a lot of emotional and character-driven subtext behind it, which is the kind of thing that Bleach, at its best, excels at. What are Ichigo’s limits (if any)? The clash of wills (and weapons) continues between IchigoContinue reading “Bleach Recap 2020, Ep. 31 – A Matter of Resolve”

Bleach Recap 2020, Ep. 28 – A New and Improved Ishida?

The game of cat and mouse within the Seireitei continues. Despite Ikkaku’s sound defeat at the hands of Ichigo, the looming threat of the shinigami is only escalating as things progress. While some of our main characters are facing new challenges, other confrontations are coming to a close, as is the case with Ganju… GanjuContinue reading “Bleach Recap 2020, Ep. 28 – A New and Improved Ishida?”

Bleach Recap 2020, Episode 27 – Ichigo vs. Ikkaku!

Welcome to Episode 27, Day 27 of my 2020 Bleach recap! The entire Seiretei is abuzz, with shinigami searching right and left for the intruding Ryoka, but with little success so far. Different groups and divisions are being directed with various orders over a PA system, causing a general sense of anarchy, which some ofContinue reading “Bleach Recap 2020, Episode 27 – Ichigo vs. Ikkaku!”

Bleach Recap 2020, Ep. 26 – Fight or Flight

NEW OPENING!!! So we have a new OP this episode, and it’s pretty good, another one of my faves! So far, no complaints about the soundtrack of this series, plus the action-packed vibe reflects the excitement to come, previewing the many future battles and conflicts of the Soul Society arc, and showcasing the expanding castContinue reading “Bleach Recap 2020, Ep. 26 – Fight or Flight”

Bleach Recap 2020, Episode 24 – Meet the Gotei 13

Needless to say, no one in Ichigo’s team is happy about the plan to be shot out of a giant cannon. Sounds just a tad bit dangerous. Kukaku, the self-professed best pyrotechnic around, tries to assure them that she knows what she’s doing, and things will turn out okay, but that still doesn’t seem toContinue reading “Bleach Recap 2020, Episode 24 – Meet the Gotei 13”

Chad’s Reunion and Family Ties in the Rukon District: Bleach Recap 2020, Day 22, Episode 22

Anyone that was expecting a showdown with Ichimaru this episode may be a little disappointed, as this was an unexpectedly laid back and yet rewarding episode that reveals a bit about the the everyday life of the average soul that dwells in the Rukon district, and the surprising aspects that differentiates it from the worldContinue reading “Chad’s Reunion and Family Ties in the Rukon District: Bleach Recap 2020, Day 22, Episode 22”

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