The Bleach Blog – Day 7, Episode 7: Kon Comes In Like A (Stuffed) Lion

This episode doesn’t begin, predictably, with the continuation with the Ichigo vs. Ichigo face-off, but with a quiet, intimate moment between Kisuke Urahara, the store-owner, and Ururu, his underling. Tearful and ashamed at her mishap in the previous episode, and its potentially damaging consequences, she begs his forgiveness. She gets it pretty easily, with KisukeContinue reading “The Bleach Blog – Day 7, Episode 7: Kon Comes In Like A (Stuffed) Lion”

The Bleach Blog – Day 6, Episode 6: Soul Candy may be bad for your health

One of the concepts in Bleach I always found fascinating was that science and technology could be a major feature, even advancing or flourishing in a post-death, spiritual dimension. It’s not a combination you find often in fiction. Additionally, just like the world we inhabit, this technology can be used both for good, or forContinue reading “The Bleach Blog – Day 6, Episode 6: Soul Candy may be bad for your health”

The Melancholy of Karin Kurosaki: Bleach – Day 5, Episode 5

The tale of the cursed parakeet continues.  Why has this situation affected Karin so profoundly that it actually makes her physically ill? This episode, in a flashback recalled by Ichigo, we see the tragic recent past of the Kurosaki family, and how their mother’s death affected the two sisters in different ways. While Yuzu tookContinue reading “The Melancholy of Karin Kurosaki: Bleach – Day 5, Episode 5”

The Bleach Blog – Day 4, Episode 4

Episode 4 is about a parakeet. Yup, this show is random like that. Well, this isn’t a filler, even if its premise feels like one. It’s straight from the manga and it’s actually about properly introducing one of the major side characters, Sado Yasutora (also known as Chad), into the story. He was previously introducedContinue reading “The Bleach Blog – Day 4, Episode 4”

Bleach Passes The ‘3-Episode- Rule’ (Day 3)

Is there a pecking order when it comes to the mysterious supernatural creatures called hollows? Do they conspire, make long term plans? Given recent events, Rukia begins to ask if perhaps there is actually a ‘mastermind’ hollow controlling the others, with the goal of targeting Ichigo’s extraordinarily strong spirit energy. This brings up many questionsContinue reading “Bleach Passes The ‘3-Episode- Rule’ (Day 3)”

366 Days of Bleach – The Bleach Blog, Day 2, Episode 2

Greetings, welcome to Day 2! Episode 2 continues directly in the aftermath of the hollow attack on Ichigo’s house the night before. Nothing adds up. Neither Ichigo’s father, nor his two sisters, seem to remember anything from the night before. Their injuries have magically vanished. His perpetually manic and upbeat father claims that the damageContinue reading “366 Days of Bleach – The Bleach Blog, Day 2, Episode 2”

Execute Order 366 – The Bleach Blog Begins, Day 1, Episode 1

So, first things first… Happy New Year, everyone! It’s a pleasure for me to be here, taking full advantage of this serendipitous cosmic event! I mean, it couldn’t be an accident, right? We’re now in the glorious year of 2020, a leap year at that, which means that it will a run a full… countContinue reading “Execute Order 366 – The Bleach Blog Begins, Day 1, Episode 1”

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