Bleach Recap 2020, Episode 100: Mabashi’s Mind Control Scourge

Wow, 100 episodes already? That was fast. In any case, I’d like to thank anyone and everyone so far who chose to follow along with my 2020 rewatch, and accompanying recap, day by day. With that out of the way, we’re still not even a third into this series, so without further ado, let’s get into it, shall we?

What was that strange object that Sui-Feng was just stabbed with? Before the attacker can be interrogated further, he dies suddenly and without warning. From her body’s reaction, she infers that it’s a vial of poison used by the Bounts, and that the intel she was given indicates that the squad member who attacked her was under the influence of a certain known Bount with mind control abilities. The possibility then enters her mind that others in her squad may be under this person’s control as well.

As if on cue, another one of the squad members, a rather large guy,  begins to attack his comrades and head towards Sui-Feng. The other squad members step in to protect her and take down the assailant.

This mind control has become widespread now. Elsewhere in the Seireitei, Ichigo and Ririn are attacked out of nowhere by a group of shinigami, making Ichigo wonder why they would suddenly turn aggressive towards him. Ririn tells him that they all smell like Bounts. The squeaky voice of Ritz then rings out, telling Ichigo that he’s going to die, affirming that this is the work of Mabashi. Ichigo swiftly puts down all of his attackers.

Renji and Kurodo are in quite a similar situation, finding themselves surrounded by mind-controlled shinigami, and so is Chad and Noba. The Seireitei is generally in a state of chaos, with shinigami-on-shinigami slaughter occurring between those who are controlled and those who aren’t. The news of this phenomenon are now spreading to the Captains. Hisagi reveals to Komamura that these individuals are being controlled from within their bodies, making it difficult to remove the invading Doll without also killing the occupied host.

Still struggling with her wound, Sui-Feng begins to think to herself that eliminating the source of the mind control, the Bount himself, would bring everyone else back to normal. As if responding to her thoughts, Mabashi appears before her, taunting her that she’s going to die soon from the poison, which, according to him, has no known antidote.

Despite being compromised, Sui-Feng begins to energetically attack Mabashi, and a fight ensues. But her vigorous movements cause the poison to start working faster, making her realise that she needs to end this quickly. She flash-steps behind Mabashi and puts her zanpakuto to his throat, but he escapes her grip when she starts succumbing to the poison’s effects once again.

However, her Suzumebachi has already left its death mark (Homonka) on his chest… all she needs to do now is strike him in the same spot, and it’ll all be over. The problem is, Sui-Feng can now barely crawl on the ground, let alone stand. Mabashi leaves her to die.

The tag team of Komamura and Hisagi have been doing their best to incapacitate the infected shinigami, without killing them. Komamura decides to take the unconscious men into the care of Captain Unohana, who may have some kind of insight into their condition and how to cure them without further damage. It doesn’t take long for Unohana’s division to become swarmed with the infected, with an overwhelming amount of healing for her to do.

Sui-Feng is now seemingly on the verge of death. Unsurprisingly, in what may be her final moments, her thoughts turn to Yoruichi, and what she would do in this situation. Gaining a sudden insight, she figures out what she needs to do in order to survive…

Mabashi begins to realise that he is losing communication with some of his Ritz clones, correctly assuming that their hosts are being knocked out. He decides to produce even more clones, then goes back to further torture Sui-Feng while she dies slowly… wow, this guy

As expected, he finds Sui-Feng still passed out on the floor, bereft of energy. He tells her that he was thinking of using her as another one of his unwitting puppets, seeing as he’s lost so many of the others, but then he is suddenly ambushed by Sui-Feng’s punishment force. He jumps backward while they tend to their wounded Captain. But then the men all slowly succumb to Ritz’s control; the whole thing was a setup. But the tables are about to turn again…

Sui-Feng had been playing possum all along; as Mabashi sends Ritz to infect her, she suddenly powers up with spiritual energy, throwing Ritz and all her men backward, and quickly advances towards Mabashi, stabbing him in the chest in the same spot as before, with her Suzumebachi stinger. As Mabashi stands there, incredulous as to what just happened, Sui-Feng explains that she detoxified his poison by cleverly using some of her own to neutralise its effects. As a last resort, a dying Mabashi orders his Ritz clones to surround Sui-Feng, but the tables turn here as well; they begin attacking their own master instead, due to their own tendency to turn on their masters when perceived as weak. Mabashi disappears into dust, leaving only his empty clothes behind him.

All at once, all the infected shinigami in the Seireitei simultaneously recover from the mind control infection. Other Bounts, Yoshi and Sawatari begin to notice the disappearance of Mabashi’s spiritual pressure. Sawatari also happens to notice that someone has been following him for a while now within the walls, and asks that person to show himself. Mayuri complies, wondering as to how he was able to be detected, despite hiding his spiritual pressure. Sawatari replies that regardless, it would be impossible to hide Mayuri’s bloodthirsty nature. 

Mayuri reveals that the actual person he was looking for was Ichinose, with whom he has a little score to settle. But Sawatari has detected that his spiritual pressure had also disappeared some time ago. Probably not the right thing to tell Mayuri, who instead decides to direct his animosity at the person before him instead…

That’s it for Episode 100! Here’s a bonus pic of the episode’s MVP, Sui-Feng, because… well, just because 😉

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