Bleach Recap 2020, Episode 99: The Seireitei Breached – The Invasion Begins

The Seireitei has been successfully breached, with Kariya’s mob able to pry one of the gates open. Their task has just begun, though, as squads of shinigami immediately block their entry. This is where Kariya steps in, blowing all of them away with one swipe of his hand.

Spirits are high… until Kariya states that he’s done with the men, and that their role in his plan is over. The group’s frontman, Toba, begins to protest that taking down the Shinigami was supposed to be a cooperative effort, but it falls on deaf ears. Realising they’ve been used, the angry mob begins to turn on Kariya, so he proceeds to give them the same treatment he gave the shinigami, and blows them all away with a summoned tornado.

Ichigo and friends finally arrive at the gates of the Seireitei, to find Jidanbo out cold on the ground, the gate pried open, and Kariya, Koga and Sawatari making their way into the compound. Kariya shuts the gate behind him before they can follow.

Kariya begins to outline his plan to Koga and Sawatari; he will retrieve a mystery ‘item’ from the Department of Research and Development, something that has the ability to destroy the Seireitei; after this is done, they are to all meet up at Sokyoku Hill.

While stranded outside the gate, Orihime finds herself healing Jidanbo’s wounds for the second time, and he eventually awakens and thanks her. Despite still being wounded, he lifts the gate open to allow them entry. Orihime expresses her wish to stay back and completely heal Jidanbo. HItsugaya and Rangiku are summoned via hell butterfly to a Captains Meeting, so they go their separate way.

The first Bount to be engaged is Mabashi, who has already made his way inside the Seireitei. On being confronted with a Stealth Force squad, he summons his Doll, Ritz, which begins to multiply itself and attack. Quite pleased with himself he beings to run away, still pursued by the remaining squad members.

The Captains Meeting has convened. Byakuya, the one Captain that has so far battled Kariya, informs them of his wind-summoning powers and regenerative abilities. Mayuri begins to blame Hitsugaya for allowing the Bounts to reach the wall, when handling them was his responsibility, but Shunsui reminds Mayuri that it was him who gave them access to the Quincy bracelet, so if blame is to be passed around, he has to share some of it. Yamamoto orders the 13 Captains and their squads to spread out within the Seireitei, and find and destroy the invading Ryoka. Hitsugaya is hereby relieved of his duties as temporary commander.

Meanwhile the Mod Souls are having some issues with sensing the Bounts, as their presence keeps appearing and then disappearing for some reason, making tracking them difficult.

Mabashi comes across another squad of shinigami, but this time he seems more prepared for them, as his ready-made army of Ritz clones attack, penetrating their chests, the same attack that Rukia fell victim to several episodes back. Meanwhile, Mayuri is using his camouflaging abilities to stalk Sawatari, disguising himself within the walls.

The squads that encountered Mabashi report their failure back to Captain Sui-Feng, who soundly admonishes them. But it seems this squad may already be compromised by Ritz’s mind control abilities, as one of the men unexpectedly stabs her in the back with an unidentified object. As she sinks to the floor in agony, the other men surround and restrain him… but how many shinigami members are now unknowingly under the sway of Mabashi’s mind control?

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