Bleach Recap 2020, Episode 92: The Assault on the Soul Society Begins

For the second time in the series, the Soul Society has been infiltrated by ryoka, this time under much different circumstances, by individuals with more diabolical motives than before.

Head Captain Yamamoto places Hitsugaya in charge of their capture, as well as the purveyor of accurate intelligence on the situation, which has been somewhat compromised by the leaks coming from the Research and Development Department. He’s taking no chances this time, and orders all his captains to kill a ryoka on sight, if encountered.

Very similar to the entry of Ichigo and his friends into the Soul Society, the Bounts enter this dimension airborne, and then crash land to the ground, greatly alarming the residents. The first seen landing are the duo of Koga and Kariya. They’re almost immediately engaged by shinigami, with Iba and Omaeda seemingly prepared for them, cornering them on both sides in a deserted street. Koga wastes no time in summoning his Doll, Dalk, while Kariya leaves him to it, in handling the enemies.

To the shock of the shinigami, Koga simply snaps his fingers and starts effortlessly absorbing reishi from his surroundings. Omaeda orders his squad to attack, but they are easily taken out by Dalk. Next to attack is Iba, but he is immobilised just as quickly. Kariya then crashes him helplessly through a nearby wall, for full measure. Both Bounts then walk off unconcernedly. The Bounts look unbeatable at this point, even by the powerful shinigami that have been deployed so far.

Shortly after, this scene of complete crushing defeat is happened upon by an aghast Hitsugaya, who promptly orders medical assistance. Rangiku then appears to report back in to Hitsugaya, with the news that she has failed in her mission to stop the Bounts, something Toshiro is quite aware of. There also seems to be the lingering problem of not being able to detect the Bounts’ spiritual pressure, making them hard to track.

At the same time, Ichigo and his friends have successfully made it back into the Soul Society as well. They’ve been trying to find Kukaku, which is challenging, since she moves her home often. On Yoruichi’s hunch, they eventually find it, though. Meanwhile, Kon has gotten himself lost, scaring the daylights out of the villagers, and taking the blame for the Bounts’ extensive property damage…

When they finally meet Kukaku, she is busy taking her frustration out on her brother, Ganju, who on his mission to the World of the Living, managed to do or find out nothing of note, besides get a job at a convenience store. Yoruichi briefs Kukaku on the situation with the Bounts, then makes a strange request to the group about collecting information on an individual by the name of Rantao, the lead researcher whose experiments had a hand in the Bounts’ creation, and who was subsequently expelled and banished.

As the others leave for dinner, Kukaku and Yoruichi have an awkward confrontation about why she chose to stay with her, and not in the Seireitei. Yoruichi divulges that a rogue shinigami has been assisting the Bounts, has developed the skill of keeping his spiritual pressure invisible, and has currently infiltrated the Seireitei. This would explain the mischief maker that manipulated Mayuri’s data files, and locked him out of access to his own computer system, with the specific intent of luring him into interest in the subject of Bounts. This, in turn, would lead him to seek out a Quincy, Ishida, and offer to return his powers, which would be needed in order to enter the Soul Society; a pretty long and impressive con, if you ask me.

The following day, Ichigo and the rest head out to find the Bounts, electing to split up and leave the detection work to the Mod Souls. Rukia decides that it is her duty to rejoin her squad, since she has returned to the Soul Society. Ririn’s competitive streak leads her to go off by herself, and to the surprise of no one, Ishida decides once again to go off on his lonesome. The others follow suit.

Later on, Rukia, making her way through a particularly poverty-stricken area of the Rukon district, is the first to encounter an enemy Bount; Yoshi, the woman whom she had encountered in battle recently. Something tells me this will be the first of many one-on-one battles we’ll be seeing in the next couple episodes…

Oh… and by the way…

The Shinigami Illustrated Picture Book

I suppose it was only a matter of time before I mentioned the gag omake that has been regularly accompanying the conclusions of Bleach episodes for a while now… but I haven’t so far, seeing that, even though frequently amusing, in contrast to the usually more serious tone of the actual episode, they usually have no bearing on the overarching narrative… with this episode being one of the few exceptions. Discerning viewers would have noticed Renji’s glaring absence this episode, as he has stayed behind…. to clean up at Urahara’s (lol… no, seriously). We also find out that the boy he saved, who he was concerned about, has stabilised, due to the concerted efforts of Hanataro. So there were actually some developments here significant to the current plot…

For those interested in these omake, here is a playlist of them (not a complete one, though, and dubbed as well), graciously provided by youtuber Bleach enthusiasts… enjoy!

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