Bleach Recap 2020, Episode 85: Reviving Rukia – Orihime’s Test of True Friendship

Back at the Bounts’ lair, Ichinose and Kariya are having a conversation about the sudden personality change and currently unknown whereabouts of Mabashi. Ichinose is concerned over his fate and also apologetic to Kariya for allowing him to sneak out unchecked. Kariya, however, does not share this concern, as he considers the sudden allure of sucking souls to be as expected of a typical Bount.

After their unresolved battle with Koga, Ichigo and Izuru are now running through the dark streets, Ichigo carrying Keigo, still unconscious, on his back. Ichigo is tired and a bit banged up from the battle. After requiring some insistence from Izuru, Ichigo decides to abandon his ego and accept his help in carrying Keigo’s body.

They eventually make it to Urahara’s shop, where Hanataro gets to work healing Ichigo and Keigo, as well as his previous patients, Renji and the young boy he rescued. Hanataro decides that the only way to save Keigo is to give him a bit of Ichigo’s Reishi. As for the other ‘civilian’, the little boy, his chances aren’t looking so great right now…

Mabashi, meanwhile, is having the time of his life. Using his Doll, he has managed to gain control of Rukia, who is now a mere puppet to his whims, and is continuing to attack Orihime. Rukia throws her forcefully into the air, but as she plummets, she is saved by her Santen Kesshun fairies.

Now airborne, Orihime is still getting attacked by Rukia, who shoots Hado blasts at her. She makes it safely back to the ground using her shield, but Rukia is still insistently pursuing her.

However, Rukia’s powerful attacks are starting to drain her of her energy. On Mabashi’s command, Ritz drags Rukia’s Shinigami form out of her gigai, still attached to her chest. At this point, this is also becoming dangerous to Rukia’s very life, whose energy is being gradually depleted with each attack she employs.

Orihime’s fairies urge her to use offensive tactics against Rukia, but being naturally defensive and empathetic towards her own friend, she is hesitant to do so. Her fairies resort to having to drag her away from Rukia’s strikes. Realising that Orihime just doesn’t have it in her to attack her friend, Kurodo finally steps up with a plan…

Kurodo decides the best course of action would be to attack Mabashi, the source of Rukia’s mind control, but Orihime still refuses, as Bounts are still regarded as human beings. It takes some convincing, but Orihime finally decides to go at Mabashi with Koten Zanshun, but Rukia delberately shields him with her own body, and gets the brunt of the attack. Orihime is horrified by this turn of events. Even as she is injured, Rukia continues to attack Orihime, when she is intercepted unexpectedly by Shuhei Hisagi, who has arrived on the scene.

Rukia finally begins resisting Ritz’s influence and starts to snap out of it. The first thing she tells Orihime is to fire at her, throwing all caution and concern for her wellbeing to the wind. Tears now in her eyes, Orihime still doesn’t want to hurt her friend, and it only takes a moment for Ritz to take full control of Rukia once again. Orihime finally makes the difficult decision to confront Rukia. Her defensive shield now at full power, she slowly approaches Rukia, deflecting every attack sent her way.

She finally gets close enough to hug Rukia, and envelop her in her shield. Ritz is repelled, letting go of Rukia, and retreating to Mabashi.

Mabashi sends Ritz out again to try to control Orihime, but Shuhei intervenes and slashes the Doll, forcing it to retreat once again.

Shuhei states his intent to defeat Mabashi, but before they can begin to trade blows, Ichinose arrives suddenly and carries Mabashi off as quickly as he rushed in. Shuhei immediately recognises Ichinose as being a former Shinigami member.

But for now, all is well, as Rukia has recovered, and she and Orihime have a tearful reunion.

That’s this episode in the bag… see you tomorrow for Episode 86!

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