Bleach Recap 2020, Episode 84: New Opponents Arrive! Izuru and Mabashi

This episode, we get two ongoing battles against the Bounts, and they both go in some decidedly unexpected directions…

After Renji’s run-in with the Bitto, he has the good luck to get picked up by Urahara and Tessai, and is now recovering at his shop. At Urahara’s request, Tessai brings Hanataro there as well (against his will, by the way) in order to use his skills as a healer. Hanataro, realising the situation, immediately gets to work.

Meanwhile, the standoff between Lieutentant Izuru Kira and the Bount, Koga, is about to begin. Ichigo is genuinely surprised to see him, and Izuru explains that he was dispatched by Captain Hitsuguya, along with a bunch of other lieutenants, to the living world. But before they can a get a proper word in with each other, they are attacked again by the relentlessly murderous Doll, Dalk, and she and Izuru go toe to toe, clashing blades. This goes in Izuru’s favour, as Dalk unwittingly falls into Izuru’s trap; any object coming into contact with his zanpakuto, Wabisuke, becomes twice as heavy, and Dalk is rendered immobile by her own crushing weight. Not ready to admit defeat, Dalk sends forth one of her metal tendrils to wrestle Izuru’s zanpakuto away from his grip, but it proves futile.

Ichigo uses this opportunity to escape with Keigo’s unconscious body, but Koga stands in the way, once again, of his efforts to protect his friend. He goes on the offence, but proves no match for Koga’s monstrous strength, and gets smashed into the ground. But the more Koga fights, the more a curious thing starts happening; Ichigo starts to remind him of his deceased apprentice, Cain, and he begins to relent. Ichigo is puzzled, and even more so when Koga mutters that he may have lived too long.

Having successfully dispatched of Dalk, Izuru joins Ichigo in challenging Koga. Koga is still in an introspective mood, though, and telling Ichigo that he still hasn’t lived long enough to die, abandons the fight and retracts Dalk, leaving Ichigo both a bit angry and a bit confused.

The battle between Rukia, Orihime and Kurodo against the female Bount Yoshi continues as well. Yoshi has the upper hand, but her rather talkative Doll, whose form consists of both a sword and a razor-sharp fan, urges her to use restraint in her attacks. This gives Rukia and the others the chance to regroup and start running away. As she realises her mistake, an unexpected ally arrives; Mabashi, the only Bount that dared to resist Kariya. But his attitude has done a complete one-eighty, and now it’s almost like he is drunk off the power he has gained. He decides to take over from Yoshi in fighting the team.

Mabashi summons his mischievous, diminutive flying Doll, Ritz, which doesn’t know friend or foe, so it attacks Yoshi first, before disappearing into the ground. Deciding that she’s had enough of this, Yoshi gives Mabashi his way, and leaves him to take care of the enemies himself. Mabashi then sends Ritz after Rukia and the others, and it does so with with the speed and destructiveness of a powerful projectile, effortlessly punching holes in the ground and in nearby building walls, and proving a challenging foe to evade. As it starts to whizz around Orihime, Rukia manages to hit it with a metal pipe, after which it disappears into the ground again. Then, taking her by surprise, Ritz reappears, and stabs Rukia, disappearing into her chest. Rukia loses consciousness and collapses. Mabashi is beside himself with cruel laughter. With a snap of his finger, Rukia reawakens, but judging by her dead eyes and zombie-like demeanour, she is now not herself…

Now fully under Mabashi’s command, Rukia starts strangling Orihime, while Kurodo looks on, horrified. Is there any hope that Rukia can snap out of it and resist this brainwashing? Perhaps Episode 85 will provide some answers…

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