Bleach Recap 2020, Episode 82: Confrontation with Dalk

The Bount invasion of Karakura Town continues unabated. They are very well aware of the Shinigami presence, and are keeping tabs on their enemies, Ichigo and his team in particular. They’ve now unanimously accepted the leadership of Kariya, so when he commands them to go out and take care of their new adversaries, they proceed immediately without question. The only individual that’s out of step once again is Mabashi, who seems to be having a psychotic episode ever since he was force-fed the Bitto liquid.

Renji, worn down and ragged with fighting swarms of Bitto, finally collapses. As Ichigo and Rukia detect that he’s in trouble, Jinta and Ururu appear carrying a device, a ‘Bount sensor’ which was apparently just improvised by Urahara. It turns out to be the same headband Ichigo used earlier in his training with Urahara. He hesitantly repeats a corny phrase he’s required to say in order to activate its powers. As it turns on, it immediately begins pulling his body in the direction of the Bounts at a rapid pace, and apparently without any regard for obstacles, like fences and whatnot… Ichigo is in for a rough ride, it seems. Jinta, although he would never admit it, runs off to find Renji, out of concern for his wellbeing.

Elsewhere, Ichigo’s classmate Keigo is out on the streets after buying food at a convenience store, when he is suddenly attacked by a swarm of Bitto, and stung by one of them. Fortunately, Ichigo arrives right on time and kills the Bitto that have latched themselves onto Keigo.

He’s scarcely finished with this when he is approached by Koga, who immediately uneashes his Doll, Dalk, on him. Because of the energy upgrade the Bounts have recently received, Dalk has gotten a power upgrade too, with some new projectile attacks, now cannon-powered. Ichigo’s brand new Bount sensor headband is damaged in the exchange.

Jinta, Ururu and Rukia meet up with Orihime and Kurodo, and they’re all united in their concern for Renji, who’s spirit energy has disappeared. As they are making plans to find him, they’re attacked by a female Bount, wielding two talking Dolls, a fan-like weapon, and a sword. Rukia retaliates, along with Orihime wielding her defensive powers. Looks like another battle is developing here…

The fight between Ichigo and Dalk continues. Ichigo, attempting to keep Keigo out of harm’s way, realises that Keigo can see him in his Shinigami form. Koga tells him that this is because most of his soul has been sucked out, and he is unavoidably close to death. This enrages Ichigo to the point that he releases Getsugatensho, slicing Dalk in half. However Dalk is the type of enemy that can not only reassemble herself, but can use the metal of her body and her surroundings, and reconstitute them in a variety of ways; she sends metal tendrils forth that ensnare Ichigo and immobilise his zanpakuto. 

Ururu has run off and found Chad and Noba, when they are engaged by yet another Bount, this time an old man, who stares at them menacingly from a distance. It’s starting to look like the team are now beset on all sides by hostile Bounts…

Things get worse for Ichigo as he finds himself trapped in a spider-like web of Dalk’s metal tendrils. She takes Ichigo’s own sword from him and intends to stab him with it, as the scene begins to fade to black…

…To the shock of both Dalk and Koga, Ichigo stops the blade with his bare hands, and effortlessly throws Dalk to the wayside. His face has now transformed, an incomplete Hollow mask covering half of it… his Inner Hollow has surfaced and saved the day. His next crazed attack once again slices Dalk in two, as he laughs maniacally. At this point Ichigo resurfaces again to try to regain control of his body, and a struggle ensues. After a powerful burst of spirit energy, Ichigo regains control and collapses to the ground. Koga, witnessing this, remarks that Ichigo, being unable to control the power he inherited, will destroy himself in the future. He commands Dalk to reform and end it once and for all…

Meanwhile, Jinta finally manages to find Renji in an unconscious state, the boy he was trying to protect still lying beside him. It still remains to be seen if he’s actually survived the Bitto attack… 

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