Bleach Recap 2020, Episode 78: A Tribe Without A Future

Things have slowed down a bit since the last episode, and now everyone is safely at Urahara’s. Ishida and Yoshino are on the mend, and Tessai is doing his best to tend to their injuries, when he isn’t being distracted and annoyed by the antics of Jinta and Kon.

Meanwhile, the rest of the team is having a meeting, which is unexpectedly solemn. Yoruichi gets the team up to speed with the recent developments in the Soul Society. Mayuri has now regained access to his computer system. Ever the meticulous researcher, he has extensive files on the Bounts, their activities in the human world, and their long, storied history.

Perhaps most interesting of these is some old video footage he has of a battle between the Bounts and the Quincies. The Quincies, who always prided themselves in saving human life by killing the Hollows, were bound to have a problem with the Bounts as well, or at least those that declined to follow their own self-enforced laws of not feeding on the living. With what looks like a mirthful grin on his face, Mayuri predicts that the Bounts’ current attacks on humans will escalate (and he doesn’t seen too torn up about it).

Much of the discussion about the Bounts is filled with uncertainty and bleakness. Why exactly Kariya wants to go to Hueco Mundo is still a mystery to them. Ichigo begins to lose his calm just imagining Kariya being any more powerful than he already is.

As if arriving right on time to lighten the mood, Ganju suddenly crashes through the wall, riding a boar. Apparently, he sensed Ichigo’s ultra-gloomy spiritual pressure, and was so concerned, he decided to steal a boar from the zoo in order to investigate.

Ichigo is in a bad state, having been thrashed by Kariya in a most humiliating fashion. Ganju and Renji decide that the best remedy for this mindstate is some training, and getting Ichigo to spar with them, willingly or not. Urahara opens a door in the ground, to the training cavern below, and Ganju and Renji throw Ichigo in.

Eventually Ganju, who ducked out of of his job at the convenience store, has to go back, lest his supervisor finds out he actually isn’t just taking a long bathroom break, which just leaves Ichigo and Renji left to go at it. The sparring livens up, even getting to the point where Renji releases his zanpakuto. Eventually all of this has its intended effect, perking up Ichigo considerably.

Meanwhile, Kariya is perusing the ruins of his mansion, with Ichinose accompanying him, for some unnamed mysterious object. He clearly has some more tricks up his sleeve. I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of him very soon…

While still in recovery, Yoshino and Ishida continue to have heartfelt, revealing conversations. Yoshino admits her deep shame for attacking living humans, and also gives some previously unknown information about the Bounts. Probably brought into existence as the result of a mutation, Bounts, although capable of having an indefinite lifespan, cannot reproduce. This, according to Yoshino, is the great curse of the Bounts; they are a tribe without a future, one that is only destined to die, with no chance of replenishing their inevitably dwindling numbers.

Yoshino waits until to Ishida drifts away into asleep, and then, with a parting kiss on the forehead, leaves quietly. Despite her efforts to avoid being noticed, Yoruichi and Urahara calmly watch as she disappears into the night.

Ishida eventually wakes up to find Yoshino gone, and the look of concern on his face is unmistakable. What she intends to do next, no one can be sure, but Urahara and Yoruichi have correctly discerned that she has a score to settle, and the price she pays for it may be her very own life… we’ll see in Episode 79…

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