Bleach Recap 2020, Episode 62: Aizen Escapes!

The confrontation on Sokyoku Hill continues.

At this point, all Shinigami Captains have been brought up to speed as to the situation regarding Aizen, and are converging at the top of the hill in order to apprehend him. The first to arrive is a visibly upset Komamura.

Komamura is disappointed in Tosen especially, as a couple short flashbacks show that they’ve known each other a long time, and Tosen always stated his reasons for becoming a Shinigami was to uphold a sense of justice, something that seems jarringly out of step with his current actions. This is also personal for Komamura; it kind of makes sense why these two would become good friends, as Tosen, being blind, is unable to see Komamura’s strange appearance, rendering its significance irrelevant. Komamura, in turn, always admired Tosen’s steadfast nature; up until now, that is.

Komamura tries his best against Aizen, but his powers of hypnotic deception prove too much for him for him to handle, and a subsequent Hado attack neutralises him.

Aizen tries to continue his monologue, but he gets interrupted again when the Ryoka arrive. Gin tries to stop their progress by ramping up his spirit energy.

Aizen continues to explain to Rukia that he murdered the entirety of Central 64 as soon as he had discovered her in the World of the Living, then used the powers of hypnosis to make it look like they were all still alive and well. Since that time, he, Gin and Tosen had been issuing all orders that came from the compound.

Using another of Urahara’s inventions, Aizen forcefully removes the Hogyoku from Rukia’s body. Having no use for her at this point forward, he orders Gin to kill her. Gin extends his Shinso with the intent to impale Rukia…

Then in a most surprising turn of events,  Byakuya suddenly arrives and allows himself to be stabbed in Rukia’s place, stepping in front of the blade and shielding Rukia from the brunt of the attack. It looks like he cared for his sister all along, he just needed the right opportunity to really show it.

Then the floodgates open, and all the Shinigami start arriving for a free-for-all. Next to enter the fray is Kukaku and Jidanbo, then the tagteam of Yoruichi and Sui-Feng join forces. Next, Gin gets ambushed by his old friend, Rangiku, and Hisagi holds Tosen at bay, after which the Shinigami start arriving in droves.

But the gig is already up, as Aizen has the Hogyoku in his possession. He summons an army of Menos Grande, which emerge from a tear in the sky. A beam then emerges and begins to draw Aizen, Gin and Tosen upward. Head Captain Yamamoto explains that the light,  ‘Negacion’, once used, prevents intervention from anyone on the outside.

An angry Komamura asks Tosen once again why he is abandoning the path of justice he swore to follow. Tosen replies that he is actually choosing what he sees as the least bloody path. Bidding all his former Shinigami associates goodbye, Aizen crushes his glasses in his hands, abandoning his former ‘Clark Kent’ image, going full-on ‘Superman’ (well, evil Superman anyway), complete with slicked back hair, and of course that one distinctive curl hanging from his forehead. The Shinigami can do nothing at this point but helplessly watch him leave, as he disappears into the crack in the sky, cradled in the massive hands of a Menos Grande.

Ah well, at least the Shinigami have been unified once again, even if under the most dire and humiliating of circumstances. The injured (Byakuya, Komamura, Renji, etc.) are now getting medical treatment. It’s here that Orihime’s mysterious healing powers begin attracting a lot of attention from the Shinigami.

In a rare moment of vulnerability, Byakuya finally explains to Rukia the real reason why he took enough of a liking to her to adopt her; his late wife Hisana (briefly seen in a previous episode), who shared a canny resemblance to Rukia, was actually her sister, who, living in abject poverty, had abandoned her years earlier. Regretful of her decision, her very last request to Byakuya on her deathbed was to find the sister she had left behind, but without telling her of their familial ties. He then made a vow on his parents’ graves to uphold the law at any cost, shedding some light on his recent actions and behaviour in regards to Rukia’s execution sentence; he was torn between the two vows he had made.

As the episode ends, he makes a heartfelt apology to Rukia, which she seems only too glad to accept. Maybe this is a turning point in their relationship?

Apology accepted.

That’s a wrap for Episode 62. As the Rescue Arc draws to a close, what next is up ahead for Ichigo and friends, and will the Shinigami be able to find and stop Aizen before he causes further damage?

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