Menos Grande Attacks! Bleach – Day 14, Episode 14

Ichigo is pissed. And it was sort of inevitable, owing to the complete cluster everyone is in right now, due to the actions of one Uryu Ishida. Completely out of patience, Ichigo asks Uryu to throw down, man to man, and to hell with the hollow-killing contest. Except that this is some really bad timing, since all the countless hollows have started to congregate in the sky….

Uryu declares himself the ‘last Quincy’, bringing up some questions for Ichigo. Previously, in Episode 11, it was discovered that the Quincys became extinct at some point. Rukia further explains that it was the Soul Society that eliminated them, as their bad habit of completely destroying the souls of hollows in turn destroys the balance between the human world and the Soul Society, leading to the annihilation of both worlds. No wonder Uryu hates shinigami… well, he didn’t always hate them, not until the demise of his sensei.

The last of his kind, Uryu’s sensei appealed to the shinigami for mutual cooperation, only to be ignored and dismissed. Then, one day, overwhelmed by hollows, he met his demise. The help of the shinigami eventually arrived, but it was too little and too late.

It hasn’t occurred to Uryu that the way he’s handling things is stupid. Ichigo explains to him that if Uryu’s sensei would have wanted cooperation between the two factions, what’s the point of stupid contests?

He’s one to talk.

Ichigo and Uryu are on the cusp of joining forces as they begin to understand each other’s motives which are just about the same, both having lost loved ones to hollows.

They both go on a hollow-killing spree the likes of which we haven’t seen so far. That is until, a giant creature starts protruding from that crack in the sky. NOT a good sign.

The master of sudden dramatic entrances, Urahara arrives with his crew to help out. Everyone has their own modes of attack. Wait… is Ururu holding a bazooka?

The damn thing looks bigger than she is.

According to Rukia, the gigantic creature emerging from thy sky-crack is called a Menos Grande, sort of a super-hollow made up out of hundreds of individual hollows. Ichigo isn’t fazed by its size, but it becomes apparent that he needs some help here. Uryu offers his help, and when he touches Ichigo’s zanpakuto, he is shocked to realise his own bow is considerably enlarged (there’s a risqué joke in here somewhere). He begins to have an inkling of just how powerful Ichigo may actually be, and starts to be concerned about the consequences of having this much spiritual energy, but being unable to properly control it.

The Menos begins creating a powerful-looking red ball of destructive energy in its mouth, called a Sero. Ichigo gets the full brunt of its power, but manages to eventually deflect it, and injure the Menos, to the amazement of the other characters witnessing, except for the calm, stoic Urahara who seems to have been expecting it. The Menos retreats into its sky-crack, which begins to disappear. Exactly how OP is Ichigo?

It looks like the whole thing is over, until Ichigo’s zanpakuto starts acting up, reacting to his sudden release in spiritual energy. This energy seems to be spiralling out of control, with potentially fatal consequences for Ichigo. Uryu steps in, and stands on Ichigo’s zanpakuto, and begins to manically shoot arrows until his damn hands start bleeding, using them as a release to dissipate the considerable spirit energy. He thinks back to his sensei (who is revealed to be his grandfather), who might have been proud of the fact that he just saved a shinigami’s life. A shaky rapport just may be developing between Uryu and Ichigo. Is there future hope that shinigami and Quincy may begin to understand each other, even form an alliance?

We get a new ED this week! Let’s see what other surprises are in store for Episode 15!

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