The Hidden Abilities of Sado: Bleach – Day 12, Episode 12

The battle of Ichigo vs. Uryu continues.

What kind of duel exactly will this be between Ichigo and Uryu? This is what Ichigo wants to know, and the answer he gets makes him a little flabbergasted. Uryu produces a small coin-shaped object, an object, that, when crushed and scattered, will attract numerous hollows.

He then states the ‘rules’: whoever kills the most hollows within a 24-hour period will be proclaimed the winner. Naturally, Ichigo protests, concerned with the amount of potential collateral damage such a contest could cause in a crowded city like Karakura Town. Such a thing doesn’t faze Uryu at all, who is supremely confident of his skills to eliminate every last one of the trespassers. With a snap of his fingers, he crushes the object into smithereens. Within moments dark clouds dominate the sky, and the first hollow appears within a dark portal, giving Uryu his first kill.

‘That’s number one,’ he intones.

Ichigo, concerned for his family’s welfare, runs off hurriedly, completely forgetting about the contest. After all, his family is full of individuals with high spirit energy, making them tempting targets for hollows.

Meanwhile, Tatsuki is taking a break from martial arts training, when she starts recalling, or at least tries to, the murky details of the day when she and Orihime were attacked in Orihime’s home (see Episode 3). She dismisses these far-off memories as a dream, but when Orihime recounts that she had the same exact dream, she can’t help wondering if these were actual recollections. And then she started seeing ghosts, and besides being a bizarre turn of events to her, it’s also pretty annoying, what with seeing off-putting stuff like ghost couples making out, and others purposefully trying to get a rise out of her, like the one currently wiggling his butt in her face, while she’s trying to have a conversation with Orihime. Their conversation is interrupted when the windows of the school building begin shattering without explanation.

Others in the city are starting to notice the dark cloud formations and the ominous crack in the sky over Karakura Town, including Karin, Chad and Urahara. Plus, this means it’s clean-up time for Ichigo, who starts taking out hollows out of necessity, but this isn’t his main concern, as he keeps up the search for his sisters. Meanwhile, Uryu is quickly racking up a serious kill-count. He may act like a douche, but he’s admittedly pretty damn good at killing hollows.

Due to what’s happening, Rukia’s Soul Pager is going haywire, with hollow alerts disappearing as quickly as they arrive. Panicked she looks up at he black portal in the middle of the sky.

Meanwhile, Ichigo has his hand full with multiple hollows attacking him at once. Chad gets a piece of the action too, getting interrupted by an attacking hollow while hanging out with friends. Realising it’s him who’s being targeted, he tries to run away to a less crowded location. He eventually encounters Karin, who, during soccer practice, has also been having a bad feeling about the strange portents she’s been seeing in the sky. The hollow arrives, and attacks them both.

Hauling Karin on his back, Chad tries to both protect her and evade the relentless attacks of the pursuing hollow, but he eventually gets sideswiped by one of them. Complicating the situation are Karin’s fellow soccer teammates, whom Karin are trying to get out of the way of danger.

In the midst of all this, an injured Chad has a childhood flashback of his grandfather reassuring him after he was assaulted by someone, presumably bullies. His abuelo imparts to him the wisdom that he was given his imposing size and strong fists to protect, rather than damage or injure. Re-energized, he gets up, and goes toe to toe with the giant hollow, and lands a devastating punch, sending it flying in a burst of energy. An onlooking Karin is amazed at Chad’s raw strength. It’s then that we see his arm has transformed into some sort of armoured behemoth. He lands another powerful punch, and the hollow is utterly destroyed. Chad then collapses in exhaustion.

There is clearly something special about Chad. Where did these manifested super-powers suddenly come from? In any case, Chad gets a scolding from Karin for recklessly ’playing the hero’, with no regard for his own well-being.

THIS is the thanks he gets?

She runs off to get him some assistance. Splayed on the ground, Chad can’t help but notice the temperamental similarities between Ichigo and his sister.

Meanwhile, Orihime and Tatsuki are busy trying to clean up the broken glass from the school’s shattered windows, when she notices the dark form of a hollow lurking behind the roof of the building. The danger threatening everyone in the city is far from over…

To be continued in Episode 13, let’s hope everyone’s luck is better than the number implies!

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